Independent artist/CEO, JLC, hailing from Texas, along with A.A.G. Records announces the release of his new single “Illuminate One” already buzzing globally on major radio and media platforms. The track is a relatable one whether you are in or out of the music industry. In this case, JLC touches on certain decisions artists are faced with daily. Decisions that could ultimately alter their lives for the good, but at what cost. What will prevail if left in the hands of free will?

JLC’s raw emotions can be felt by listeners throughout the track, regarding his own dilemma. Should he change his name, should he sell his soul and worth for fame? One thing can be said about JLC and his stance in the music industry; he steers down his own path and doesn’t dumb down for fame, or fall victim to intimidation or ultimatums. In fact, his realness in and out of the book is what keeps him reigning in the industry and winning in life.

Dramatic melodies and hard bass underline JLC’s raw emotion and telling lyricism. Stream “Illuminate One” and connect with JLC below.

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IG @jlcaagrecords



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