What up world! Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Maurice St. Clair a.k.a Anoindat a.k.a. Rappin Jackson. Maurice is a musical artist by nature but for the month of December we linked up to co-lab on a project idea to interview his cousin former NFL, 2 time Superbowl player and now mentor John St.Clair, along with family friend and father to super producer 808 Ray, Rayshon Cobbs Sr. for an original video series called December Dads. The purpose of December Dads is to highlight positive black fathers and keep showing the world how beneficial we are to our families, children, and those around us. Maurice a.k.a Anoindat being a father himself came up with the idea from seeing the need for such content that could be recorded and shared with the world to show how powerful and positive black fathers and black men are. So when he approached me with the idea for the interviews I was all in. As many of you may know have noticed the image of black men often shown through the major media outlets is often the negative side or negative characteristics exhibited by a small portion of black men living in extremely negative environments. So with with this series we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to create our own media and tell our own stories from our perspectives. The interview with John and Rayshon was a hit and you can stay tuned to All Digital Global Media to view that exclusive footage. After the interview I wanted to take the time to find out what inspired Mr. St. Clair a.k.a Rappin Jackson to get started pursuing his own career in music. His response was this!

“My inspiration first and foremost comes from Almighty and Divine God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit and whole entire Friendly and Magnificent Universe whom gives me the ability and talent to do this, create feel good real good music nationwide and worldwide abroad. Also my inspirations come from other places as well. My parents(R.I.P) Maurice A. St.Clair Sr. and Carolyn M. St.Clair. They are both deceased, but growing up I couldn’t of asked for better supporting parents. They were my biggest fans and supporters even in a time when being a rapper was unheard of, not like today where everybody wants to be “a rapper”. They supported my dreams and were proud of my accomplishments and success. I remember my mom wearing our logo shirts and my dad too, and my dad selling cd’s and shirts right from his hospital bed for two years straight while he was at the University of Virginia Medical Center awaiting a heart transplant. Unfortunately, that he didn’t receive, but he was a top seller of merchandise for us while he was there. Everybody knew us(me and my brother and other group members at the time) when we stepped into the city and hospital. He even got us played on the top radio station there. My mom was always the “mother” of our group, making sure we had any and every thing we needed. My dad even held group discussions with us for encouragement and payed for countless hours of studio time. His favorable quoted lines was,” The bottom line is…the show must go on…no matter what…the show must go on no matter if it’s just one person listening who may be the janitor or millions and billions…the show must go on.” That’s my motto of Inspiration. Like I say in one of my lyrics,”Pops always supported, Moms never aborted, financed the dream even though they couldn’t afford it, they knew I would grow up to top the top 40″s, they knew I would blow up and top the top 40’s.” They were the best and definitely a great inspiration.

Also, another inspiration is my forever longtime friend Kris “K-OS” Willis, who passed away from sickle-cell anemia in 1996. He was an angel on earth and the dopest MC(rapper) I’ve heard or ever knew. He was in my earlier group Cunz of Clavs(Sons of Slaves) which eventually just became my brother and I. He is definitely another major inspiration as I told him that, “Our dream of making good music will never die, it is forever like J.C.(Jesus Christ).” Last, but definitely not least, is the reassuring people that God continues to send my way and in my path to know IAM Music and supposed to be doing this huge worldwide and nationwide for God, bigger than I could ever imagine. I have had random people that have came out of nowhere to speak the prophecy of music God has on my life whom I didn’t or don’t know from Adam or Eve to my high school great friend who became a awesome preacher and minister who told me I would do music large for God worldwide and nationwide like its never been done before then passed away two weeks later. I have had prophets and prophetess prophecy over me from a younger age that I will do music huge for God. I could continue on with all the signs God has given me letting me know he has chosen me for his IAM MUSIC MOVEMENT. It never fails, when I get to a point of sometimes saying (very rarely), I am just gonna do something else, God Almighty and The friendly and Magnificent Universe puts someone or something in my path that continues to drive me on and push me, random people that asks me about my music and how it is doing and/or about doing music and keep going with it which that lets me know this is my passion and where I am supposed to be. I am truly grateful and thankful from the bottom of my heart to Almighty Divine God, The Friendly and Magnificent Universe, Outstanding Omnipotent Omniverse & Awesome Colossal Cosmos for this opportunity – Maurice St.Clair a.k.a Anoindat.

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