For the past couple of decades, Edurk Black Pablo has reigned in the industry as a musician, rapper, singer, producer, entrepreneur, and now CEO of the record label Awol-G.Code Promotions. The label based out of Birmingham Alabama has several signed artists and globally expanding.

Back in 1996 Pable stepped onto the scene as a member of the Dayton Family and signed a major deal with Relativity Records. The then-hit single “F.B.I.” ranked at #45 on Billboard 200. Only moving up, Pablo then went on to collaborate with Hip Hop icon Master P for 2 Gold Albums, ‘Down South Hustlers’ and 36 Mafia’s ‘Chapter II-World Domination, and toured all 50 states with Insane Clown Posse.

“I’ve been to prison, lost everything I had, lost my parents within a week apart, lost my brother, and ongoing life’s struggles forces you keep pushing on. That’s what I do and intend to continue doing.”

Pablo, as a solo artist recently released his single/video “Tear Me Down” which is climbing charts at #60 on Top 150 Independent Charts and at #161 on Top 200 Global Charts, as well as creating a global radio/media buzz. Stay tuned for more new music from Pablo with multiplatinum producer Faided Beatz, summer concerts and tours with Gucci Mane’s artist Enchanting, and the filming of the Dayton Family’s documentary Dope Dayton Ave. “Big things are coming, I’m blessed, and keep letting God drive the car.”

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