Star2, San Diego-based singer/songwriter/rapper releases visuals for his new single “I Wanna Get F’d Up” featuring St. Louis-based rapper Luh Kel. The Asian-American artist embodies the effects of heartbreak, loss, and disillusionment. Watch the video and stream the single below.

 “I wanted to write a song with the backstory of the best relationship of your life that blows up out of nowhere leaving you wondering what happened- leaving you in pain and wanting to self-medicate. It was a dream come true to do a song with Luh Kel, my dude. Our song is the diary of a toxic relationship with a toxic shawty you loved heart and soul who cheated. Even though it’s hard because you really love that one person – there is at least one time for everyone when after a breakup you just want to be gone – gone from the universe.” 

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